Live Shows

Ray Bay Dive:
Explore the world of sharks and stingrays while watching stingrays feed out of our diver’s hands.

Marine Science:
Have some family fun while learning about the ocean and the amazing animals that call it home.

Rainbow Rock Dive:
During this feeding show you will discover the world of coral reefs and the many colorful fish that live there.

Dive Show Schedule

11:00am — Rainbow Rock Dive
12:00pm – Ray Bay Dive
1:00pm — Rainbow Rock Dive
2:00pm — Ray Bay Dive
3:00pm — Rainbow Rock Dive
4:00pm — Ray Bay Dive
5:00pm — Rainbow Rock Dive
6:00pm — Ray Bay Dive
7:00pm — Rainbow Rock Dive
8:00pm — Ray Bay Dive
9:00pm — Rainbow Rock Dive
10:00pm – Ray Bay Dive

Mermaid Show Times: Weekends Only (Saturday and Sunday): 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

Operating hours vary by season. Later shows are only available during extended operating hours. Marine Science schedule varies daily and is posted outside the classroom