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2014-2015 Educational Classes

Ripley's Aquarium Education Programs

What Should You Expect?

Students will find themselves immersed in a watery world of sharks, rays, colorful tropical fish, and incredible hands-on learning experiences.

We offer a varied selection of programs designed to meet the curriculum standards set forth by state and national educators in the areas of Science, Math, Social Studies and English.

We strive to ensure that the experiences provided will be an extension of what is learned in the classroom, and to provide students with a deeper understanding of why it is important to protect and conserve our ocean’s environment.

Available Classes

The classes listed below may be adapted to any age level.


  • PRE-K
  • K–2nd
  • 3rd-5th
  • 6th-8th
  • H.S.
  • LABS
  • Who Wants to Be a Marine Biologist?
    During this multiple choice quiz show students will be challenged to answer a number of different questions about the marine environment. Prizes are awarded and everyone is a winner.

    Sharks Squad
    Students will learn fascinating facts about some of diverse group of sharks that live in the ocean. They will leave with an understanding of the important part that sharks play in our oceans ecosystems and why it is important to protect them.



    Wiggles, Jiggles & Giggles Beneath the Sea
    Dance like a dolphin and fly like a ray as we explore the wonderful world of sea creatures through movement and music. Students will learn how different underwater creatures make their way through the ocean.

    Ocean Art
    Art and fun are the basis of this program designed especially for Pre – K students. Using art students will learn where different underwater animals live and why their habitats are so unique.



    Above or Below, Where do animals go?
    Wherever plants and animals live they have to adapt to their environment. Students will explore various habitats to discover the relationship between animals and their environments.

    Beach Creature Bingo

    Using the popular game Bingo, students will learn about the fascinating sea creatures they may encounter while walking along the beach. From sea stars to jellies, you will discover and exciting world of marine life during this game.

    Critter Camouflage
    Many animals have adaptations that allow them to blend into their surroundings.  Students will see firsthand the connection between camouflge and habitat as they try their hand at designing their own camouflage fish.


    What’s your function?

    Every form has a function.  Let’s investigate the morphology of a fish to determine where and how it might live.  Students will find out why fish appear the way they do and how they adapt to their surroundings.

    Reef Relief

    Coral Reefs are on the decline.  Students will examine the difference between living and artifical reefs as they learn how man-made reefs can help bring relief to these fragile ecosystems.

    Turtle Troopers 
    Did you know that five of the seven sea turtles found throughout the world can be found right off the South Carolina coast?  Discover the feeding and nesting habits of these beautiful creatures while learning what can be done to help protect and conserve them.


    Marsh Quest
    Let’s explore the unique habitat along the Carolina Coast as we examine the ecosystem within the salt marsh.  Students will undertand the importance of this estuarine ecosystem to both humans and animals.

    Be Fintastic, Rise Above Plastic
    Where does our trash end up?  Wheter it sinks or floats, plastic spells trouble for marine life.  Students will discover the harmful effects plastic trash has on the ocean’s inhabitants and what they can do to help.



    Ocean Invaders
    Invasive species are taking over!  Students will learn what it means for a species to be considered invasive and what dangers they bring to existing marine life.  In this hand’s on program we will investigate what invasive species can be found right off our coast.

    Career in Marine Science 
    Explore a variety of fascinating careers in Marine Science.  From animal training to water chemistry students can search for their niche in the dynamic field.

  • LABS

    The following programs are lab based.  A personal safety equipment including safety glasses and gloves will be provided.

    K-2nd, 3rd-5th

    Sea Shells
    How and where to Sea Shells come from?  Find out as we identify several of our favorite shells found on the beach.

    Invert Investigator
    With the use of live animals, students will discover the diversity of animals without a backbone.  Everyone will also be able to create their own invertebrate to take home.

    3rd-5th, 6th-8th, High School

    Explore the world of the Phylum Mollusca as we take a look at the unique survival adaptations in a hands-on squid dissection

    Fish Anatomy
    During this lab we will take an inside look at how different fish are adapted for different habitats

    6th-8th, High School

    Shark Scene Investigator
    What makes a shark a shark?  Investigate several unique features as we take an inside look at a small shark.


Lunches for Your Group

The Feeding Frenzy Restaurant is a great choice for educational group lunches.

Click on Aquarium Lunches to get all the delicious information.


  • Selections served cafeteria style.  Lunches are served in half hour blocks.
  • Lunch orders are due in our office 10-15 days prior to your arrival date.  If lunch orders are not received Ripley’s Aquarium reserves the right to choose the lunch order for the Educational group.
  • Final counts for lunch orders are due in writing, by fax 843-916-0752 three business days prior to your arrival date.  Any changes not made will be your financial responsibility.
  • Group Lunch.


  • Pizza Lunch: Once sliced cheese pizza, chips, small pack of cookies and a Drink
  • Hot Gog Lunch: A hot dog, chips, small pack of cookies and a drink
  • Chicken Nugget Lunch: Chicken Nuggest (Six Pieces), Chips, Small Pack of Cookies and a Drink

NOTE: Bag lunches are not allowed in Ripley’s Aquarium.


How Much Does It Cost?

  • $7.00 per person for children in grades K through 12.
  • $3.50 per person for all pre-school age children.
  • $1.00 for souvenir Educational Programs.
  • $1.00 for per person for Educational Classes.
  • $3.00 per person for Investigative Dissection Labs.

Admission Policy

We recognize the important role that teachers/chaperones play on field trips.

Please take a moment to review the guidelines for Teachers & Chaperones as well as Payments & Cancellations.

Teacher & Chaperones

  • Grades Preschool 2-5 yrs old: 1 Adult per 10 Students FREE
  • Grades Kindergarten–12th: 1 Adult per 15 Students FREE
  • If an educational group requires one Teacher/Chaperone per student, we do not allow Teacher/Chaperone comps.
  • We will allow one Teacher/Chaperone admitted in at our Teacher/Chaperone rate of $7.00 per student.
  • Any additional Teachers/Chaperones above student head count will pay regular admission costs. These tickets can be purchased at our outside Ticket booth.
  • If an Educational Group requires Teacher/Chaperones to pay individually upon arrival, the Teacher/Chaperone will pay our regular admission costs. These ticket can be purchased at our outside ticket booth.
  • Teachers/Chaperones are required to stay with their group of students at all times!

Payments & Cancellations

  • We accept one payment per group. It is the Educational Group’s responsibility to collect all monies for admissions, educational programs and school lunches from student, teachers and chaperones.
  • We accept cash, credit cards and checks.
  • Any educational group not allowed to travel with money must pre-pay three business days prior to your arrival date.
  • Payment must be received in writing by fax at 843-916-0752.
  • Any Changes that need to be made to an Educational Group reservation, including cancellations must be received in writing by fax 843-916-0752.
  • A signed confirmation must be returned to the Group Sales office 14 days from processing date. If a signed confirmation is not received the reservation will automatically be cancelled.

Purchase your Souvenir Guide Book for $1.00 each. The guide book is filled with a lot of useful and educational information.

Also visit the Cargo Hold, a wonderful gift shop filled with educational as well as fun souvenirs.

Chaperones are required to stay with their group of students while in the Cargo Hold.

How to Book Your School Group

  • BY PHONE: Call 1-800-734-8888, ext. 3226


Contact to make a reservation at 1-800-734-8888, ext. 3226.