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The Savage Seas Exhibit has officially opened!

Life on the Savage Seas

Life at sea isn’t for everyone! Find out what it takes to survive on the open waters. Arrr ye fit for it?!

Gallery Highlights

It’s a Pirate’s Life For Me!

• Learn about daily pirate life—what they nibbled on after a good plunder, their weapons of choice, and what they did when they weren’t causing trouble.
• What did pirates do for fun? Play a quiz game to find out what kind of pirate you are.
• Turn yourself into a pirate or parrot, but beware the kraken!

Pillage and Plunder

• Dispel common myths.
• Learn what job you’re cut out for.
• Dig through magical sand to uncover buried treasure.

Sea Monsters

Beneath the surface, hidden in the dark depths of the sea, vicious sea creatures lurk, ready to attack a ship at any moment…

Gallery Highlights

Sea Monsters Past and Present

• Use a 16th-century map to determine where the sea creatures live. You’ll need to avoid them at all costs!
• Quiz yourself on your sea monster knowledge. Can you correctly identify the most infamous?
• Take your picture with our resident sea monster.


Reclaimed by the sea, shipwrecks teem with life, treasures, and secrets of the past.

Gallery Highlights

Discovery and Ruin

• Hop aboard the S.S. Nose Dive and examine Pacific sea life.
• Climb beneath an ancient shipwreck and explore the treasures she hides.
• Experience how divers work to uncover buried vessels using special gloves.
• Take part in a discovery mission to expose rare artifacts in a giant fish tank.

Mysteries and Tall Tales

• Learn about mysterious ships and shipwrecks—can you discern what is fact or fiction?
• Grab a friend and use your sharp mind and steady hands to navigate the Map Maze.
• Repair Billy the Skeleton as fast as you can before he disintegrates.
• Test your knowledge on ghost ships and stories.

Mother Nature

A force of destiny, destruction, and discovery, the sea has the power to control the fate of those who brave her waters.

Gallery Highlights

Weather the Storm, If Ye Dare

• Brave hurricane-force winds in a mighty storm simulation.
• Learn about a little worm with a big, destructive past.

savage seas
savage seas

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