Ripley’s Cargo Hold™ Gift Shop

As the perfect conclusion to your remarkable adventure, our Cargo Hold™ gift shop has a unique collection of gifts and keepsakes to remind you of your journey through one of the world’s most amazing aquariums.

The Cargo Hold™ features fun and engaging toys representing the many species of sea life found in our Aquarium, include a world-class selection of stuffed animals.

Looking for a special gift? We also offer many luxury gifts and souvenirs including handmade crystal sea life sculptures. Visit us today and take home something special!



Create your very own Sea Critter! First choose from a selection of adorable ocean animals, including stingrays, sharks, penguins and sea turtles. Then fill your new friend with stuffing, choose a name, and take your critter home in a free backpack! Create a Critter is a wonderful interactive experience for children, and a great way for them to take home their very favorite sea animal!


Split your very own geode! First choose what size geode. We will help you mount the geode in an enclosed safety box, and you can break your own geode cleanly in half! The beautiful Quartz crystal inside will be revealed, never before seen by human eyes! After you have split your geode, we will wrap it in tissue paper and place it in a custom gift bag. We also have special stands available for purchase, so you can display your unique geode on a shelf or desk for all to see. Take home your own piece of history today!