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Ripley’s Aquarium offers special programs for all home schooled students during the school year. As rising stewards of the environment, students will participate in educational activities while learning how to become advocates of conservation in their communities. Investigating nature in a positive light will encourage students to educate others on how to practice environmental awareness each day.



Blubber and Baleen (Virtual)

What are the benefits of possessing these unique adaptations in the marine environment? Students will dive in to discover the advantages of these adaptations, explore the diversity of marine mammals, and uncover what challenges they face in our current ocean state.

Inky Examination (Virtual)

Are cephalopods indicators of climate change? In this class, we will investigate these invertebrates to find out. In this hands-on squid dissection, students will work together to identify the parts of a squid, discuss how it compares to vertebrate anatomy, and examine their distinct adaptations.

Warmer Waters (Virtual)

Ocean waters have been slowly increasing in temperature over the last decade. Students will explore the negative impacts of warming ocean temperatures and participate in an activity to uncover the dangers of coral bleaching.

Ocean Invaders

How do invasive species impact the environment and what can you do to help prevent their spread? Through an interactive game, students will see firsthand how invasive species affect various marine ecosystems.

One Fish, Two Fish—No Fish?

Fishing stocks may be renewable, but they are limited and some populations are currently being over-fished. Students will learn the basics of various sustainable fishing techniques compared to the types which deplete populations and destroy habitats. Students will brainstorm a fishing gear model to create new sustainable fishing technique.

Ocean Acidification

How could increasing acidity in the ocean impact the variety of marine life? In this class, students will participate in a game that explores how excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is changing the chemistry of the ocean and the implications this could have for marine animals.

Earth Day Heroes

Join us for our second annual Earth Day Beach Sweep. We will use this opportunity to recall the negative effects of single use plastics in the oceans. Stick around after the clean-up for a shark tooth hunting session!

Species Survival

Encounter the several endangered species found here at the aquarium, from flippers to fins. Students will explore firsthand the challenges facing these threatened marine animals and participate in an engineering design challenge to recreate a prosthetic sea turtle flipper.

Home schoolers always receive a discount at the aquarium!
Home School Rate: $15.00 for 6 years and up, $6.00 for 3 years to 5 years old, $25.00 for teaching adult. You must provide either a letter of intent, attendance record, or homeschool ID card upon admission to receive this discount.

*Classroom Program fee is $6.50 per student per monthly class.

  • All topics subject to change
  • Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance of program date
  • Full payment is due upon booking. There are no refunds for any programs unless we must cancel the program.
  • If you need to cancel your reservation and you do so more than 24 hours in advance of the program date, we
    will hold your payment as credit for a future program as long as it is within that school year.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of the program date or you do not show up for the program, you will not be refunded
    and payment will not be transferred to another date.

*You must provide proof of home schooling (home school membership card, letter of intent or attendance record)

What You Should Expect:

Home School Program times are Grades 1st through 4th are 9:00am – 10:30am, Grades 5th and up will be 11:00am – 12:30pm.

Most classes focus on marine life and ecosystems and aim to provide students with a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting and conserving our ocean’s environment.

All classes include a lesson and hands-on activity. Some classes may include a craft or field trip.

Call 843-916-0888 extension 3233 to reserve your spot in class.



This is a request for information only and does not guarantee a reservation.

You will receive an email notification to confirm your consent.