Ripley’s Aquarium offers special programs for all home schooled students during the school year.
Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance of the program date.

Homeschool Program Flyer


September 20: Inland Forests vs. Maritime Forests

Students will investigate a maritime forest at Myrtle Beach State Park to identify the differences between these two habitats and discover how adaptations of plant life help protect our oceans.
*This is a drop off program only. If parents want to attend this class, you will need to pay the entrance fee to the park on your own and then meet us inside.

October 18: Macroinvertebrates & Water Quality (Part 1)

During an adventure to a local stream, students will learn about riffle habitats and how tiny organisms called “macroinvertebrates” are used to help generate useful water quality data. Small samples will be collected and preserved to be used during the November program.
*This is a drop off program only.

November 15: Macroinvertebrates & Water Quality (Part 2)

Students will use macroinvertebrate collection samples from October’s workshop to determine the health of the stream sampling site. During this investigative program, students will use a dissecting scope and dichotomous key to identify organisms from the sample.

December 20: Weather & Climate Effects on our Oceans

Students will learn about how storms, hurricanes and natural disasters effect the ocean and marine life.

January 17: What is Ocean Acidification?

Students will discover how common human activities can impact the world’s oceans. Through hands-on activities, students will learn about pH and how decreasing levels in the ocean can effect delicate ecosystems such as coral reefs throughout the world.

February 21: Sharks and Food Webs

Students will dive into the fascinating life of a shark and discover why their role in the ecosystem is crucial for the health of the ocean. Students will conduct a shark dissection to identify important components of their internal anatomy.

March 21: Conservation Commanders

Students will learn about the importance of ocean conservation by becoming stewards of the environment and conducting a beach clean-up! Since litter is not the only thing that effects marine life, students will share ideas about things they can do each day to keep our oceans healthy.

April 18: Marsh Madness

On an adventure to a local salt marsh, students will explore an amazing coastal habitat. Seine netting in the marsh will give students a chance to collect a variety of organisms and get a closer look at some of the incredible adaptations they need to survive.
*This is a drop off program only.

May 16: Ghost Fishing

What happens to fishing gear that has been dumped or abandoned? Students will learn how discarded fishing tackle that lingers in the ocean can harm marine life and be detrimental to the ecosystem. Students will construct their own fishing nets and practice being responsible fishermen on a trip to a local pier.
*This is a drop off program only. If parents want to attend this class, you will need to pay the entrance fee to MBSP on your own and then meet us inside.

Most classes focus on marine life and ecosystems and aim to provide students with a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting and conserving our ocean’s environment. We have also added a new program with a great anti-bullying message!

Home schoolers always receive a discount at the aquarium!
Home School Rate: $8.50 per person (self-guided tour only)

*You must provide proof of home schooling (home school membership card, letter of intent or attendance record)

What You Should Expect:

Students will be immersed in a watery world of sharks, rays, colorful tropical fish and incredible hands-on learning experiences.

All classes include a lesson and hands-on activity. Some classes may include a craft or field trip.



This is a request for information only and does not guarantee a reservation.

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