All New Exhibit

ALL NEW Shipwrecks Exhibit has officially opened!

Since humans took to the sea to explore the planet, there have been shipwrecks. 71% of the Earth is covered by water. Scattered miles across and below the surface, secrets of our civilization wait silently to be discovered. See, experience and explore many shipwrecks throughout history and the world.

  • Wreck Reenactments!
  • Unearth Buried Treasures!
  • Discover shipwrecks from early B.C. to the Forgotten Shipwrecks and what caused the shipwrecks!
  • Take a photo with a famous replica from Chuuk Lagoon!
  • Stand by Abraham Lincoln or Pose as The Lincolns!
  • Learn about Black Beard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge, the Edmund Fitzgerald, CSS Alabama, the Hunley and many more!