Penguin Playhouse

Announcing New Baby Penguin Born! 

Interact With Penguins, Ripley’s Style!

Crawl through tunnels and see these amazing birds in their huge indoor and outdoor habitat! Truly the world’s best penguin exhibit. All new and completely interactive!

Cute Penguin

Warm Weather Penguins?

The African penguin, classified as endangered, also known as the blackfooted penguin, is found on the southwestern coast of Africa, with the largest colony on Dyer Island, near Kleinbaai.

Penguin Facts

Worldwide there are 18 species of penguins all living below the equator. Out of these, only two species, the Emperor and Adelie, see ice and snow year round. All warm climate penguins have a black band on their chest!


Penguin Crawl Tube

Nose-to-Nose with the Penguins

View penguins from above and below the water in this unique and interactive exhibit.

Experience penguins swimming as you crawl through clear underwater tunnels. Pop up on the penguins’ private beach and get nose-to-beak.


swimming penguinsFlying Through the Water

Penguins are designed for living in the water, not in the air. They have small wings with tiny feathers which act as more like flippers rather than wings.


The spot pattern is as unique to each individual penguin as our own fingerprints are to humans!

More Than Just Snazzy Dressers

Penguins have a distinctive black and white coloration is called counter-shading.

This coloration allows them to hide from predators like sharks, seals and even an occasional killer whale. It also enables them to sneak up on the fish they eat, like herring, anchovies and sardines.

Yes, we are this cute ... come see us!


Own An Original Penguin Painting!

You purchase an original penguin painting … created by our very own penguins at the aquarium, 50% of all the proceeds go straight to SANCOBB and their conservation efforts on behalf of these amazing birds.

Find out how you can help preserve these amazing creatures and own an original penguin painting!