Join us for live interactive dive shows every two hours starting at 11:15am.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the animals in their habitat featuring a diver who communicates with our educators as well as the audience.


11:15 AM – Ray Bay
1:15 PM – Rainbow Reef
3:15 PM – Ray Bay
5:15 PM – Ray Bay
7:15 PM – Rainbow Reef


Check out some of our resident animals chow down on lunch and stick around for the chance to ask an aquarist some of your burning questions!
Aquarist talks will occur during weekdays only.


Dangerous Lagoon: 11:30 AM –Grouper Enrichment
Dangerous Lagoon: 1:30 PM – Turtle Enrichment
Pacific Kelp: 2 PM – Aquarist Q&A


Canadian Waters: 10 AM – Sustainable Fishing
Dangerous Lagoon: 1 PM – Shark Feed
Canadian Waters: 3 PM – Octopus Enrichment
The Gallery: 3 PM – Cuttlefish Feed


Planet Jellies: 10 AM – Jellyfish Care
The Gallery: 1 PM – Piranha Feed
The Gallery: 2:30 PM – Venomous Fish


Canadian Waters: 9:30 AM – Anemone Feed + Q&A
Canadian Waters: 11 AM – Octopus Enrichment
Dangerous Lagoon: 1 PM – Shark Feed
The Gallery: 1:30 PM – Cuttlefish Feed
Canadian Waters: 2 PM – Paddlefish Feed


Dangerous Lagoon: 1 PM – Turtle Enrichment
Alewives: 2 PM – Aquarist Q&A
The Gallery: 3 PM – Upside Down Jellyfish Feed