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Join us for the Below the H2O Learning Series. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is krilled to feature presentations from passionate individuals dedicated to animal and environmental conservation. Presentations will focus on a wide range of topics that appeal to a diverse audience. Learn about home aquarium care, environmental conservation, aquatic life and behind the scenes aquarium care at Ripley’s.


This is a 19+ event

Adults: $30.00 + HST

Seniors (65+): $20.00 + HST

Admission to the Aquarium is included

Complimentary for Annual Pass Holders, however, registration is required

(A beverage bar will be available, debit and credit only)

Upcoming Speakers

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samantha-truman- below the h2o

The North Atlantic Fishery: potential sustainable alternatives

Samantha Trueman, Aquarist

Canada’s Atlantic region has a tumultuous history with commercial fisheries management. The early 1990s saw the collapse of the Atlantic cod, one of the most economically important fisheries of Canada’s east coast. Despite the unsteady fishery sector, the aquaculture industry (fish farming) has been expanding rapidly. Many areas of the world including France and the U.S. have recognized the potential of both sea urchins and kelp as farmed species. Did you know that urchins are edible? And that kelp is used in many household products such as toothpaste? In her presentation Samantha will discuss the importance of implementing a responsible production and harvesting plan for these resources to avoid another catastrophic collapse.

Samantha Trueman is an Aquarist here at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, responsible for several exhibits in the Canadian Waters gallery, including the Pacific Kelp Forest. As an Aquarist she is in charge of all aspects of these exhibits including, animal health, nutrition, exhibit maintenance and water quality. Samantha holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine and Freshwater Biology and is currently a Master of Science candidate at Memorial University. Samantha has extensive diving experience, and is both a Divemaster and Scientific Diver. With over 800 dives and her knowledge of sub-arctic/arctic ecology, she strives every day to share her passion with others, encouraging new divers into the water and advocating for the amazing marine life found throughout Canada.


Microplastics in the sea: what we know, and steps to change our reality

Alysse Mathalon, Educator

Imagine yourself sitting on a pristine, sandy beach, looking out into a beautiful expanse of turquoise ocean. If we were to take that sand or water and look at it through a magnified lens, we most likely would see our human footprint- tiny bits of microscopic, plastic particles called microplastics. These particles are not only in the air, water and sand, but also in seafood we eat- and, in you and me.

In her presentation, Alysse will speak about microplastic contamination on the beaches of Nova Scotia and in both wild and farmed blue mussels (the kind we often order at restaurants). She will discuss the main sources of aquatic microplastic pollution, the known effects on humans and wildlife, and current plastic-reduction efforts being made by companies and individuals.

While earning her M.Sc. in Marine Biology and Oceanography at Dalhousie University, Alysse became passionate about preserving the incredible life that exists in the ocean as she learned about the detrimental impacts humans are having on marine life. As a member of the Education team here at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada since November 2018 she is excited to start conversations about plastics, and our opportunities for alternatives.

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