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We’ve all heard the legends of mermaids, krakens, giant whales, and other mysterious underwater monsters. In this Deep Sea Diary post, we’ll explore some of the lesser known mythical creatures that have been said to exist in our waters.

Myths and Monsters

Myths and Monsters

The ocean, in its vastness, is home to some amazing animals—and some amazing myths.

Before modern technology led to many of today’s discoveries, the ocean was filled with mythical creatures. Many historical sailors and explorers, while famous for their voyages and discoveries, are also to thank for the many tales of mythical creatures that exist today.

Let’s dive in, and learn about some of the lesser known mythical creatures that once called the ocean home.

Sea Serpent Image

Sea Serpent

Like boa constrictors on land, sea serpents are known for wrapping their long, snake-like bodies around ships during an attack. This monster measures up to 60 meters long and 6 meters wide. It lives in the depths of the sea and comes out when it is ready for a bite to eat!


The prister is a rapid attacker and can spray mighty jets of water from its blowhole! In one swift move, this creature can sink a ship just by emerging from the water. At nearly 90 meters long, the prister enjoys smashing ships with its huge body and blasting enough water from its blowhole to sink a ship.


The ziphius is another massive creature, but with some interesting characteristics. It has the face of an owl and a sword for a dorsal fin! It finds joy in hunting prey, including seals, and slicing open ships with its dorsal fin.

Island Whale

The island whale is best known for having a back that’s camouflaged as an island. After sailors anchor their ships and start a fire, this creature heaves up and pulls the oblivious crew and their ship deep into the sea.

We hope to “sea” you soon so that you can check out our NEW Shipwrecks exhibit and learn more about these mythical creatures for yourself!

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