As you stroll through The Gallery, be sure to take a close look into every exhibit – our masters of camouflage live here! You will not only find stunning fish in technicolour hues, you will be witnessing the incredible adaptations that help them survive.

From bloated pufferfish, the Gallery is home to all different types of aquatic animals. These delicate species are from all over the world, and there is still much waiting to be discovered.



• The Gallery features six salt water and three fresh water exhibits totaling more than 50,000 litres!

• The Living Coral exhibit found here houses our only live coral, grown onsite!

• Feel the shock of an electric eel with our electric eel interactive exhibit!

Dive Shows + Aquarist Talks

Swim by for a scheduled Dive Show to watch our divers with the animals or check out an Aquarist Talk to meet our husbandry team! You’ll have the chance to ask all your questions and maybe even see a live feeding!

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