Canada is famous all over the world for its breathtaking landscapes and resident wildlife, but its waters are an even greater treasure trove of extraordinary habitats and animals.

As you explore the Canadian Waters gallery, you will journey from coast to coast via freshwater wildernesses, fisheries and kelp forests. Take in the impressive biodiversity of the Great Lakes – they account for 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water and are an essential part of Canada’s freshwater habitat. And with three oceans to choose from, it’s no wonder our marine habitats are home to such a variety of flora and fauna.



Monday – Alewives Aquarist Q&A @ 1:30pm

Tuesday – Sustainable Fishing @ 10:00am / Octopus Enrichment @ 3:00pm

Thursday – Anemones Aquarist Q&A @ 9:30am / Octopus Enrichment @                                       11:00am / Paddlefish Feed @ 2:00pm

Friday – Pacific Kelp Aquarist Q&A @ 2:00pm

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• The Canadian Waters Gallery features 17 exhibits totaling over 665,000 litres of water. The Great Lakes exhibit is over 100,000 litres and the stunning Pacific Kelp is almost 360,000 litres!

• Twice a year, we give back to our Canadian Waters by participating in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Join us today!

• You can learn more about combating plastic pollution in our Great Lakes by checking out our blog post Plastic Pollution: The Silent Killer.