Canada is world-famous for our breathtaking landscapes and their resident wildlife, but our country’s waters are an even greater treasure trove of extraordinary habitats and animals!

The Canadian Waters gallery takes you on a coast-to-coast journey through freshwater wilds, local fisheries, and kelp forests. Along the way, you’ll see more than 80 aquatic species, learn about invasive grass carp, and visit our giant Pacific octopus. From the Great Lakes — which account for 20% of the world’s fresh water — to the three oceans surrounding our coasts, it’s no wonder Canada’s marine habitats are home to such a variety of flora and fauna!



• The Canadian Waters Gallery features 17 exhibits totaling over 665,000 litres of water. The Great Lakes exhibit is over 100,000 litres and the stunning Pacific Kelp is almost 360,000 litres!

• Twice a year, we give back to our Canadian Waters by participating in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Join us today!

• You can learn more about combating plastic pollution in our Great Lakes by checking out our blog post Plastic Pollution: The Silent Killer.

Dive Shows + Aquarist Talks

Swim by for a scheduled Dive Show to watch our divers with the animals or check out an Aquarist Talk to meet our husbandry team! You’ll have the chance to ask all your questions and maybe even see a live feeding!

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