Seas the Day - Educational Program


We’re a proud partner of GenAction, a national initiative designed to inspire youth to become innovative leaders in climate action now and into the future.

Through combined virtual and on-site visits, this new program will target grades 6–7 students in Toronto.


First, through a virtual presentation, an Aquarium Educator will review climate change concepts from both local and global impacts. The presentation concludes with ways students can make a difference on personal and local levels. This program will use video and images to create a compelling multimedia presentation approximately 45 minutes in length.


Next, students are invited to explore the Aquarium with their class. While on-site, students will have the opportunity to take part in an Aquarium classroom program where they will participate in small groups in a variety of interactive activities and science demonstrations.

The animals that live at the Aquarium serve as ambassadors for those in the wild, and through them we hope to inspire youth to take action for the planet.

Seas the Day: A Deep Look into Our Local Climate Impact on the Ocean will be provided free of charge to 500 students per school year starting in the fall.

Today’s youth will be our next generation of leaders, policy influencers, and engaged citizens essential to enabling our country to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Together, we will inform and inspire our youth to act on climate change. It’s time for GenAction!


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GenAction is an initiative of the Inspiring Youth to Climate Action project funded by The Government of Canada’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund. GenAction is led by a strong Partnership Collective of leaders within the science centre sector including: Discovery Centre, the Canadian Association of Science Centres (CASC) — representing over 45 science centres, museums, and information learning organizations across Canada — Science North, and The Exploration Place Museum and Science Centre.

With the support of the Environmental Damages Fund from 2021–2024, GenAction will increase youths’ understanding of climate change science, empower them to take action on climate change, and inspire them to become leaders in climate action now and into the future.

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