What were you doing before joining Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada?
I was, and am currently, studying Conservation Biology and Physiology at University of Toronto!

Favourite aquatic animal in the aquarium?
The Spotted Eagle Rays! They are so friendly and make shifts at Ray Bay so fun. A close second is Petunia, our sassy octopus.

Best part about working at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada?
Having guests and coworkers who are just as awestruck and curious as I am about marine life! It’s amazing to have conversations with people about something we are both passionate about! (Working among some pretty cool animals is a cool perk too.)

What made you decide you wanted to pursue a career in Education/Marine biology?
I actually started schooling in the Economics field but found that I was enjoying my marine biology courses soooooo much more. I could read books about the ocean 24/7, but you couldn’t pay me enough to learn about finances again.