What were you doing before joining Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada?
Before joining Ripley’s, I was volunteering in Royal Ontario Museum as a gallery facilitator; I showed and educated visitors about all sorts of specimens including horseshoe crab shells to sawfish rostrum, and the anthropogenic impacts on those animals.

Favourite aquatic animal in the aquarium?
It is very difficult for me to choose my favourite animal, as I like every animal in the aquarium: from elasmobranchs like spotted eagle rays and bonnethead sharks to crustaceans like king crabs and barnacles.. If I must choose, however, it would be green sawfishes with their impressive saw-like rostrums.

Best part about working at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada?
I love explaining about animals to guests while being surrounded by all sorts of fascinating creatures. Interacting with visitors who are eager to learn and knowing that I made a tiny step towards the ocean conservation through education makes me a very happy educator!

Any other fun facts about you?
In addition to marine organisms, I also love insects and other arthropods. Aside from illustrating, my favorite hobby is to walk in the forest to find insects and observe them for hours. It is a good hobby, as long as you are prepared to make some “donations” to mosquitoes and their relatives.

What made you decide you wanted to pursue a career in Education/Marine biology?
Since my childhood, I have regarded the ocean with fascination; the vast diversity of its denizens and the mysteries that it holds never ceased to captivate me. I sought what I could do in order to protect our magnificent ocean, and I found that education is the best way that I can contribute for the ocean conservation.