When did you know you wanted to get a career in marine biology?
As a pre-vet student, I chose to major in Marine Biology and when I had my first field class, I knew it was the right field for me. Then, in between undergrad and vet school, I worked at an aquarium as an intern and decided to pursue being an aquarist instead.

What were you doing before joining Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada?
I worked as an aquarist for Disney World in Orlando and Disney Cruise Line in the Bahamas.

Favourite aquatic animal in the aquarium?
Bicolor Parrotfish in Rainbow Reef.

Best part about working at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada?
I love the wide diversity of animals we get to work with on a daily basis.

Any other fun facts about you?
Even though I have worked with a wide variety of animals, my background is primarily elasmobranches and more specifically stingrays. I have also spent a lot of my career training these animals.