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Exclusive to homeschool families—connect with over 20,000 aquatic animals! Please find our homeschool offerings and dates below.

New 2021 dates and programs coming soon!

Great Plankton Challenge

Learn about the amazing diversity of plankton in the ocean and the essential role it plays. Find out about the unique challenges these tiny plants and animals face to maintain their position in the water, and then try your hand at designing your own perfect plankton!

Best for Grade 6 Biodiversity, Grade 7 Interactions of Environment, Grade 8 Cells

Pollution Solution

Explore the effects of environmental disasters on marine ecosystems through a simulated oil spill. Evaluate the efficiency of different cleanup methods; predict the effects of an oil spill on a marine environment; and identify the resulting issues for society. Find the best possible solution for the pollution.

Best for Grade 5: Conservation of Energy & Resources; Best for Grade 7: Interactions in the Environment

Squid Dissection

Explore the effect of the warming Earth on our oceans. Focus on the phenomena of ocean acidification and its impact on shelled marine creatures through a variety of demonstrations and participation in a squid dissection.

Upcoming Dates to be Announced

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