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Matthew asked…

Q: How much do the sharks in Dangerous Lagoon eat, and when do you feed them?

A: On average, the Husbandry team prepares around 800 pounds (360 kilograms) of food for the animals EVERY WEEK! This is about a quarter of what is eaten by Aquarium guests every week in the cafe. The food comes from a restaurant supplier so its human consumption grade. About 65% of that food feeds the sharks, stingrays, sawfish, green sea turtles and other small fish that live in the Dangerous Lagoon. These feeds occur on Tuesday and Thursdays. Find the times here. 

Learn more about how we feed the animals in the Dangerous Lagoon here.


Diane asked…

Q: Where does the water in the Aquarium come from?

A: All of the water in the Aquarium comes from city water. However, we have a special process to remove added chlorine, fluoride and ammonia. From there, we can do whatever we want with the pure water. For the freshwater tanks, that’s essentially nothing. For saltwater tanks, we added a tremendous amount of salt. This is done in our salt mixing room! Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada has our own secret salt water recipe, mixing about 15 different types of salts and minerals! The most common salt is sodium chloride, or what most people know as table salt. Once this water is fully mixed and passes the water chemistry tests, it is moved to another holding basin where it can be sent to any system that requires it.

In total, we are able to recycle about 99% if the water we filter. In fact, we’ll actually lose more water each day from human sources (i.e. washrooms, cafe, etc.) than we will from the actual tanks.

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