Marine Camps

Ripley’s Aquarium Marine Science Camps are interactive, innovative and entertaining

There are a variety of day, week and overnight camps available, campers can enjoy the thrill of swimming with sharks and rays, learning to SCUBA dive, explore marine life in the open ocean, local parks wetland and much more!

Fun, excitement and memories that last a lifetime are what you will find when you enter into Ripley’s Aquarium Marine Science Camps. Perfect for all adventurous children ages 6 – 16 yrs.


Use the tabs below to find our information, prices, dates and details on all of our currenlty scheduled camps and programs. For program or curriculum questions please contact Michelle Ruthenberg, Program Director, at 1-800-734-8888, ext. 3226.


  • Kid’s Programs

    Adventure Saturdays | Ages 6-12

    Fish Printing

    Gyotaku, (ghio-ta-koo) the art of fish printing originated during the 19th century in Japan.  Gyotaku developed from the need to record that exact size of a trophy catch.  Since then it has evolved into a beautiful art form in its own right.  We will take a trip to Ripley’s Holding facility to see the amazing animals just waiting to be seen at the Aquarium.

    $19.99plus tax

    The Night Sky

    Before the age of electronics, explorers woud use the stars and planets to navigate through the ocean.  Learn some of the early tricks the explorers used as we take a field trip to a planetarium

    $19.99plus tax

    Discover SCUBA

    Have you ever imagined what it is like to breathe underwater?  Now you will have your oppurtunity as we discover SCUBA.  Join us at a local pool and swim underwater using real SCUBA equipment.  Learn firsthand what it takes to become a certified SCUBA Diver.  All equipment will be provided.

    $19.99plus tax

    Bubble Science Lab

    Blast off with us as we discover the science behind bubbles.  Become a rocket scientist as you design your very own bubble-powered rocket and other unidentified flying objects.  We will then travel to Ripley’s Moving Theater where we will see how  bubbles are used as Special Effects!

    $19.99plus tax


    The salt-water marsh is home to some of the world’s most breath-taking creatures.  We will travel to Murrells Inlet and kayak through the marsh discovering the mysteries of this incredible environment.  Kayaks, paddles and life vests will be provided.

    $19.99plus tax


    Jump on the boat and go snorkeling with us!  We will charter our own private boat and go out and explore the ocean.  You never know what we may discover.  All equipment will be provided.

    $19.99plus tax

    Pier Fishing 

    Join us for an afternoon of fishing.  Learn the secrets to catching the “Big One”.  We will provide you everything you need including rod, reel and bait.  You just need to bring your sense of adventure.

    $19.99plus tax

    Seashell Seashore

    Travel to the beach and discover how to identify the critters that we meet as we take a stroll.  We will even have a shark tooth scavenger hunt!

    $19.99plus tax

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall

    Ripley’s Mirror Maze will be our Field Trip of the month.  Discover how regular mirrors and funhouse mirrors can play tricks on your mind.

    $19.99plus tax

    Do you want to be a part of our Scientific Team? Join us as we build an exhibit from scratch to be displayed in our Marine Education Center. We will discuss everything that it takes to make a perfect display including Filtration, Theme Design, Animal Selection and Water Chemistry. At the end of the session you can invite all your friends and family as we hold an unveiling ceremony where you will be able to show off all of your hard work.

    $69.99 plus tax | Six Week Course |



  • Summer Camps

    KIDS NIGHT OUT – Ages 6-14

    Enjoy a night at the Aquarium in this program designed for kids only.  There will be plenty of music, dancing, karaoke, scavenger hunts, pizza and more to keep us going all night.  When exhaustion finally sets in, we will set up camp in the tunnel and “Sleep with the Sharks.”

    $39.99plus tax | Every Wed |  7:00 pm – 8:00 am


    SURF CAMPS - ages 6-14

    Wave riders around the world will recognize you as a true surfer in this camp! This camp starts off with a bundle of fun activities at Ripley’s Aquarium including how to wax a surf board and learning the waves.  You will then load up the boards and travel to the beach with a professional surfing instructor who will teach you how to surf the waves like the pros! This gnarly camp will include a Ripley’s surfing rash guard and certificate of surfing skills completed!

    $39.99 + tax (incl.Rash Guard) | Every Mon & Wed | 9:00 am – noon


    MERMAID CAMP – Ages 6-14

    Let’s put your best fin forward in this mermaid adventure! You will begin at RIpley’s Aquarium where you will meet a mermaid for fun activities, including making a mermaid wishing stone and creating a mermaid name.  We will then travel to the local pool where everyone will have the oppurtunity to swim in a real mermaid tail, learn mermaid tricks, and play mermaid games under and above the water.  When it is time to return to two feet, you will be given a Ripley’s mermaid t-shirt and certificate recognizing you as a certified real mermaid!

    $29.99 + tax (incl. mermaid T-shirt) | Every Tue & Thu | 9:00 am – noon


    KIDS CLUB WEEKLY – ages 6-12

    This camp is held weekly June 3 – August 23.  Drop off daily is between 7:30am and 9:00am. Pick-up is betwee 4:30pm and 6:30pm.  Several field trips will be planned each week.  All snacks, drinks and supplies will be included.  Campers are asked to bring a lunch each day.

    $125.00 + tax weekly | Minimum registration of 2 full weeks |



  • Two Day Adventures

    Days: Thursday-Friday Camps
    Schedule: Camp begins at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday and conclude at 5:00 p.m. on Friday.
    Overview: The campers will “Sleep with the Sharks” while camped out in the underwater tunnel at night. All of the two day camps are packed full of fun activities that revolve around Marine Science and conservation topics.
    Cost: $159.99 plus tax, which includes all food and supplies.

    Ever wonder what it would be like to be a mermaid or a pirate?  Ripley’s Aquarium gives you the opportunity to explore the whimsical world of mermaids and the swashbuckling life of pirates.  You will have the oppurtunity to explore and choose your adventures.  Exciting activities include, learning to swim like a mermaid, pirate survival skills, kayaking, fishing, crafts and so muchmore.  Whether you choose to be a priate or a mermaid you will have an experience of a lifetime.


    Sharks-Everyone’s favorite fear!  Is there a reason to be afraid?  Take an adventure as we try to bust many of the myths about sharks.  Throughout this non-stop camp you will also swim with the stingrays and smalls harks in Ray Bay, participate in a small shark dissection, snorkel in the ocean and learn how to become a shark tracker.


    Summer is hot it’s time to cool down with Ripley’s 2-day soaked camp! During this fun filled adventure camp you will explore the world of scuba diving, swim with stingrays, beach trips, surf and boogie board, learn about different ocean animals and participate in fun water inspired crafts!


  • Teen Programs

    One of the most unusual of all the aquatic life out there is the manatee. You may also hear them called sea cows due to the resemblance they have to such land animals. They lead a very solitary life in the water unless they are mating or they are female with young to care for. They are plant eaters so they really don’t bother any other creatures in the water.

    This program provides an introduction to the basic biology and ecology of the Manatee (Trichechus manatus). We will learn firsthand by having personal encounters with manatees as we travel to Crystal River Florida.

    General Itinerary

    Drive to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park for an introduction to manatees
      Morning: Snorkel in Crystal River | Afternoon: Snorkel at Rainbow River
      Morning: one last swim with the Manatees | Afternoon: drive back to Myrtle Beach

      Dates: | Cost: $299.99 plus tax

    The Florida Keys holds the key to a unique national treasure – North America’s only living coral barrier reef and the third longest barrier reef in the world. Coral reefs contain more varieties of life than any other marine environment. They are part of a fragile ecosystem that includes mangroves and sea grasses on both the ocean and bay side of the Florida Keys. Travel with us to this unique ecosystem. We will go snorkeling and kayaking over the crystal blue waters of the keys all while being based at a real research facility.

      Dates: | Cost: $599.99 plus tax

    EXTREME ADVENTURE – Tennessee Trip
    Join us as we travel to see our sister Aquarium in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We will spend one night at the Aquarium and two nights tent camping. Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, white water rafting, and rocking climbing are just a few of the activities planned. For more details call 1-800-734-8888, ext. 3226.

      Dates: | Cost: $349.99 plus tax

    The Eco Club is designed to for teens to help protect their environment. Each month the club will research and decide on a project to participate in to help save the planet. Some topics include:

    Sharkee’s Sort and Save
    Seafood Watch
    Ripley’s Aquarium Adopt a Beach Program
    “Only Rain Down the Drain” • Responsible Fishing

      Dates: 2nd Saturday of the month (January – May & September – December)


BY PHONE: Call Walter Lopez at 1-800-734-8888, ext. 3226
ONLINE: Click the “Marine Camp Reservation Form” button to make your reservation online. Easy!


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