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Classroom Workshops and Gallery Programs are fully booked until the end of June 2014. Some Self-Guided visits still available.

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clownRipley’s Aquarium of Canada is an unforgettable learning destination for children, youth and adults. Our mission is to provide a top quality,world class aquatic life facility that will foster environmental education,conservation, and research, while simultaneously providing entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is the first and only aquatic facility of its kind in Ontario. As such, we intend to provide students and guests of all ages with a wide selection of quality environmental education programs that will enhance their visit experience.

Our suite of school programs offers a range of interactive and exciting options that are designed to meet Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum standards and provide participants with a deeper understanding of the aquatic world and the importance of environmental protection and conservation.

Thank you for choosing Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada as a destination for your students.


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Request Your Date:

The Aquarium has limited capacity, particularly for our school workshops. Please have second and third date choices selected as schools are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Choose Your Workshops:

The Aquarium offers curriculum-connected hands-on workshop programs in our classrooms. See our school workshop and gallery program descriptions below.
Please note, each classroom can accommodate up to 30 students (plus accompanying adults).

Plan your arrival and departure:

The Aquarium opens at 9:00am. Your lunch and school workshop times will be scheduled based on the arrival and departure times you indicate, so please try to account for travel time and arrival logistics.

Organizing Adult Supervisors:

The Aquarium requires the following ratio of adult supervisors to students:

  • JK to Grade 3 (Primary) 1:5
  • Grade 4-6 (Junior) 1:8
  • Grade 7-12 (Intermediate & Senior) 1:10

Supervisors are required to actively engage with their students at all times and are solely responsible for managing student behavior.

Adults within the above noted ratios are free of charge, additional adults $25.48.

Storing Belongings:

Coat racks are available in The Holding Tank Room. Lunches can also be stored there (note: no refrigeration or microwaves are available for school use). This area is not locked, please do not leave valuable items.

Planning Lunch:

Students are encouraged to bring litter-less lunches and refillable drink bottles. Please see our “Zero Waste Challenge” for tips. A lunch time will be scheduled for your group, please indicate on your reservation form if you have a preferred lunch time.

Students wishing to purchase food can do so in our Café.

School groups wishing to pre-order student and teacher/adult supervisor lunches should contact for menu details and pricing.

Visit options Price per student Price per adult
Aquarium Galleries only (Self-Guided) $10 + HST Free within ratio
Aquarium plus Gallery Educator program $11 + HST Free within ratio
Aquarium plus Classroom workshop $12 + HST Free within ratio
Extra Adults $25.48 + HST

Supervision ratios:

JK to Grade 3 (Primary) 1:5; Grade 4-6 (Junior) 1:8; Grade 7-12 (Intermediate & Senior) 1:10

*Prices are subject to HST. Programs, prices and policies are subject to change without notice. School Group rates are already discounted, no additional coupons, passes or membership discounts apply. Minimum group size to qualify to School Group rates: 10 students.

Requesting Your Visit:

Sorry, but we are currently booked for Classroom Workshops and Gallery Programs until the end of June 2014. We will begin accepting request

Confirming Your Visit:

If requesting online, you will receive an email confirmation that your request has been received.

If requesting by phone or mail, you will receive a personalized confirmation within 4 weeks.

If you haven’t heard from the Aquarium within 4 weeks of sending in your workshop request, please contact our Education Department at 647-351-3474 or


Full payment is due upon arrival on the day of your visit. Price adjustments will be made based on the exact numbers attending. We accept Visa, MasterCard and school cheques payable to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

Sorry, but we are currently booked for Classroom Workshops and Gallery Programs until the end of June 2014. We will begin accepting requests again later on in the year.

Plan Your Trip | Gallery Programs

Gallery Programs take place on the floor of the Aquarium at a specified tank. An Educator will facilitate a discussion about the tank and the animals that inhabit it, coach students in a guided observation, and lead a short educational game or activity.

Gallery Programs are 30-40 minutes in duration.

Please contact for further details on Gallery Programs.


Click on the toggle for program specifics.

Classroom Workshops

All of our Classroom workshops are linked to Ontario’s Ministry of Education curriculum and include one or more hands-on activities or experiments and a component of conservation and environmental awareness. Classroom Workshops are 45-50 minutes in duration.

Kindergarten:Sensational Sharks

Discover the fascinating world of sharks! Big, small, and even vegetarian, sharks are a very diverse group. Examine shark teeth and a jaw, smell like a shark and appreciate how misunderstood they are. Make you own mini-shark to take home.

Best for Kindergarten

Also good for Grade 1

Grade 1: My Own Aquarium

Learn about what animals need to survive and explore the characteristics of an ideal fish habitat, using a home aquarium as a model. Apply this knowledge to craft your own 3D aquarium to take home.

Best for Grade 1: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things.

Also good for Kindergarten, Grade 2

Grade 2: Creatures Undercover

Discover the amazing diversity of body coverings of animals that live in aquatic ecosystems. Touch real samples and investigate the advantages for each creature’s survival.

Best for Grade 2: Growth and Change in Animals.

Also good for Grade 1

Grade 3: Amazing Algae & Other Aquatic Plants

Plants can grow underwater! Delve in to the amazing world of algae and uncover the vital role it plays in aquatic environments. Discover how we use algae in our lives every day.

Best for Grade 3: Plants

Grade 4: Watery Web

Investigate the components of an aquatic food web using the diverse faunae of Toronto’s blue backyard – Lake Ontario! Find out about the variety of life living there and how they depend on each other, and we depend on them.

Best for Grade 4: Habitats and Communities

Grade 6: Lake Invaders

Biodiversity is key to a healthy ecosystem. Dive in to the Great Lakes and determine how invasive species are introduced into our environments and the devastating effect they can have.

Best for Grade 6: Biodiversity

Grades 6-8: Great Plankton Challenge

Learn about the amazing diversity of plankton in the ocean and the essential role it plays. Find out about the unique challenges these tiny plants and animals face to maintain their position in the water and then try your hand at designing your own perfect plankton!

Best for Grade 6 Biodiversity, Grade 7 Interactions of Environment, Grade 8 Cells

Grade 7: Pollution Solution

Explore the effects of environmental disasters on marine ecosystems through a simulated oil spill. Evaluate the efficiency of different cleanup methods; predict the effects of an oil spill on a marine environment; and identify the resulting issues for society. Find the best possible solution for the pollution.

Best for Grade 7: Interactions in the Environment.

Grade 8: What’s in the Water?

The chemistry of water is vital to the health of our fish. Discover the steps we at the Aquarium take every day to provide our animals with a clean and healthy environment. Analyze water samples from our tanks to check for nitrates, pH, temperature, salinity, ammonia and more.

Best for Grade 8: Water Systems

Grade 9: Stream Science

Working with household materials to represent benthic macroinvertebrates, sample a stream and assess its health. Compare results from different streams to assess the impact of human activity.

Grade 9: Sustainable Ecosystems

Grade 9 and 10: Up-cycled Art

Appreciate the work of local and international artists who turn garbage in to art. Understand the devastating impact plastic and other trash can have in freshwater and marine environments, and then use your artistic ability to create art with a message.

Grade 9 and 10: Visual Art

Grade 9 and 10: Art at the Aquarium

Use the Aquarium as your studio. Contact the Education department for details.

Grade 10: Climate in Crisis

Explore the effect of warming earth on our oceans and weather patterns.

Grade 10: Climate Change

Grade 11 and 12: Aquarium Careers

From animal care, to education, to water chemistry, discover this dynamic field by exploring a variety of careers in Marine Science. Get inspired about the variety of fascinating jobs at an Aquarium and perhaps even find your niche.

Plan Your Trip | Gallery Programs